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We think the advice you get at Abacus Aquatics is different to the advice you may get at other aquatic shops. We always aim to give honest, unbiased advice based on what is best for the fish and plants you keep rather than just on wanting to make a quick sale. Customers seeking advice on equipment will be given both the advantages and disadvantages of one model or brand over another to help you make a more balanced choice.

Range of aquarium equipment and accessories

We carry a wide range of equipment and accessories in stock, many of which we use in the shop ourselves or have personal experience of using. We are also highly competitive on price so in the unlikely event you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, just let us know and we will see if we can match (or even beat) it.


Fish food: We stock dry fish food from Aquarian, Aquadip, Fish Science, Hikari, JBL and Tetra. We carry a wide range of frozen fish food by Aquadip, Gamma and Ruto. We also get regular deliveries of top quality live fish food. We are happy to advise (and sometimes demonstrate) in store which ones we recommend for particular types of fish and which ones we use ourselves.


Aquarium filters, filter media and spare parts: we stock a wide range of internal and external filters by Eheim, JBL, Interpet and Fluval. We also carry the complete range of Juwel Filter Media, together with a wide selection of filter media from Eheim, Fluval, JBL, NT Labs and other manufacturers.


Aquarium decor: we stock a wide range of aquarium gravel, sand, plant substrates, ornaments, wood and other aquarium decor.

Eheim eccopro ammonia test kit Eheim Pro3 600 filter nitrite test kit Aquarian fish food.

Accessories and equipment