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Abacus Aquatics has built its reputation on providing an unrivalled selection of quality and healthy livestock. We stock all the commonly available tropical fish as well as a lot of rarer and unusual tropical fish. The stock lists below are only a sample of some of the rarer and unusual tropical fish in stock. We usually stock between 250-300 different species of Tropical Fish at any one time.


Abacus Aquatics covers all of Kent and London but also has many customers who travel from all over the country to buy fish from us. If you are travelling specifically for a species listed on our website, please call our aquarium shop on 020 8302 8000 first to double check its availability.  

Corydoras catfish

a range of fish we currently have in stock

last updated 01/05/19

L Number Pleco

last updated 01/05/19

Other misc. rarely seen species

last updated 11/06/18

  • Queen Arabesque Plec (customer bred F1's and only          


  • Snowball Plec (LDA33)

  • Flash Plec / L204

  • L397 Plec

  • L236 Plec

  • Peckoltia sp Rio Atabapo

This is not a complete list of all rare fish but just a small selection of those currently in stock.


  • Green Whiptail Catfish

  • Biotecus opercularis

  • Clown Killifish - Epiplatys annulatus

  • Indostomus crocodilus

  • Phenacogrammus sp "Red Fantastique"

  • Phencogrammus aurantiacus

  • Hyphessobrycon sp "Blue Ribbon"

  • Xiphophorus milleri

  • L183 Plec

  • Magnum Plec


over 35 different species currently in stock. Rarer ones include:

15 different species currently in stock

  • Green Laser Cory

  • Corydoras sipaliwini

  • Corydoras gossei

  • Corydoras sp C030

  • Corydoras nijsseni

  • Corydoras sp C155

  • Corydoras crypticus

  • Corydoras knaacki

  • Aspidoras fuscoguttatus