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Abacus Aquatics has built its reputation on providing an unrivalled selection of quality and healthy livestock. We stock all the commonly available tropical fish as well as a lot of rarer and unusual tropical fish. The stock lists below are only a sample of some of the rarer and unusual tropical fish in stock. We stock approximately 300 different species of tropical fish at any one time.


Abacus Aquatics covers all of Kent and London but also has many customers who travel from all over the country to buy fish from us. If you are travelling specifically for a species listed on our website, please call our aquarium shop on 020 8302 8000 first to double check its availability.  

Corydoras catfish

L Number Plecs


a range of fish we currently have in stock

last updated 09/08/2017

last updated 09/08/2017

last updated date to 07/06/2016


last updated 31/03/16

Other misc. rarely seen species

last updated 31/03/16

Approximately 20 species in stock. Some of the rarer ones include:

10 different species currently in stock, including the following rarer species:

  • Red Boesemani Rainbow (M. boesemani "red")

  • Bleher's Rainbow (Chilantherina bleheri)

  • Forktail Blue Eyes (P. furcatus)

  • Red Three Lined Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia trifasciata Goyder River)

  • Red Neon Blue Eye (Pseudomugil sp. cf paskai)


  • Silver Arowana

  • Pictus Catfish

  • Saddled Birchir

  • Port Hoplo Catfish

  • Synodontis decorus

  • Fire Eel

  • Betta coccina

  • Microtenopoma ansorgi

  • Clown Killifish - Epiplatys annulatus

  • Brochis Multiradiatus

  • Betta Channoides

  • Barred Pencilfish (Nannostomus espei)

  • Black Darter Tetra (Poecilocharax weitzmani)

  • Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)

  • Golden Nugget Plec / L018

  • Leopard Frog Plec / L134

  • Papa Plec / L090

  • L387

  • Magnum Plec / L047

  • L091

  • L397

  • Super Red Ancistrus

  • LDA33 (Snowball Plec)

  • Orange Marble Ancistrus

  • L128 / Blue Phantom Plec

  • L260 (Queen Arabesque)


29 different species currently in stock. Rarer ones include:

  • Corydoras Venezuela orange

  • Corydoras sp CW10 / Gold Laser

  • Corydoras  sp. Super Schwartzi / C028

  • Corydoras robustus

  • Corydoras natteri

  • Corydoras ellisae

  • Corydoras sp. CW051

  • Scleromystax kronei

  • Brochis multiradatus