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The following are all comments about Abacus Aquatics in Practical Fishkeeping Magazines Kent Shop Tour article:

  • Hygiene levels in each tank are impeccable, reflecting in healthy fish at every turn

  • The shop is an archive of pleasant curiosities

  • There really is something for everyone here

  • Pay a visit and become inspired by the selection here

  • When commenting on being voted BEST FISH SHOP IN SOUTH EAST ENGLAND by the magazine's readers they wrote you can see why.

Our tropical fish, shrimps and snails:

  • We usually have in stock approximately 300 different species of tropical fish, shrimp and snails at any one time.

  • We carry a wide range of commonly available fish suitable for beginner's tanks

  • We get regular deliveries of fish from suppliers we know provide us with the kind of quality and service that we in turn expect to give to our customers.

  • We have visited all of our UK livestock suppliers in order to ensure they comply with our requirements on both quality and variety.

  • We also get deliveries of fish and invertebrates from some of mainland Europe's very best wholesalers.

  • We specialise in fish which are not usually available at most other fish shops, including rare plec's (we usually have in stock between 15 -20 different species), Corydoras catfish (we usually have in stock between 20 - 30 different species), other Catfish (we always have in stock several other catfish species not often seen elsewhere), Cichlids (Central and South American as well as African Cichlids), Rainbowfish (we usually have in stock at least in stock 5 different species), rare livebearers (we often have in stock some rarely available species), Anabantids (we often have a few rarer species in stock), Shrimps and snails (we usually have in stock a selection of at least 5 or 6 at any one time), as well as numerous other different fish species.

Abacus Aquatics 1st class reputation has been achieved by providing one of the healthiest and widest selections of tropical fish available.

Looking for a certain breed of fish? We stock approximately 300 varieties! Call

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